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tested the range/distance of my XSP

I lost complete connection with the drone @ 695 feet of altitude today....
I lost complete connection with the drone @ 695 feet of altitude today....

No worries, I am not going to fly over 400 feet just to prove a point. And no need to screw this hobby up for other people.

My main issues was, is the 400 feet limit a law or recommendation by the FAA, and would I really get in trouble if I flew a little higher if it was necessary .. if I ever decided to fly higher I would make sure it's done safely and not put someone or an aircraft in danger..

Got my 107 cert recently and want to play by the rules..

Well, So much for ration thought ....and saying what you mean and meaning what you you say.... just glad that there was no blood or body parts ( human or drone )
Hahaha, very good Barry, you are paying attention...

But seriously. I did not carelessly try to break the 400' guidelines just to prove a point.

First of all I did this in a remote area with no air traffic or airports, had two extra spotters just in case.

Also there was a very good reason why I took the bird to 700'.

As a commercial pilot, we are actually allowed to fly much higher than 400' feet in certain situations. For example, inspecting a 700' tower. In fact in this case I would be allowed to fly 400' above the 700' tower.

I needed to test and see if how the bird would react and/or perform in a safe place before I would be comfortable taking the Autel up this high in real live situation.

I wouldn't want to find out that something went wrong on the job..

BTW, I figured the Autel would be able to go a little higher than 700' without signal loss. Maybe I had my antennas positioned incorrectly. Will need to contact Autel support and see what they say.

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