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My impressions of the EVO .....


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Sep 16, 2019
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Having two handgrips on the radio that can be used for something other than slipping into your hands is good, but they may have another function.

Why not use it to put a tablet.
Since I still have some modeling clay in the workshop, let's do a support for the tab s2 10 "tablet.
- support tablette 10 (1).jpg
Things done and put into practice is good, but playing with joysticks, it's less good.
The palms of the hands come touching the screen and the keys on the side causing screen swings or other displays inadvertent. Very unpleasant thing during the flight. Conclusion not suitable at all on a large tablet.
As the modeling clay was still hot, I triturated it to make this support that sticks behind the tablet and performs better its functions and it is more pleasant.
- support tablette 10 (2).jpg
Successful transformed test.

Also having a stock of orange modeling dough, why not reuse these handles otherwise.
Since the first test fit well in the shape of the interior reinforcement of the handle and did not move, it would be good to stall the radio for a better comfort of handling.
After a few hours of crushing, he pulled it out.
- Recto-Verso (2).jpg
And you have seen, WITHOUT HANDS!...........like on a bike! 2913501915.gif
- without hands.jpg

As I still had a piece of bronze modeling clay, I decided to cast a bronze and go out to stall the batteries when charging ......
Support batt EVO.jpg

Hi all and good flights .....

Me it is necessary that I take care otherwise, it takes a rotten time since several weeks of what not wet an Evo .............
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