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iOS APP update has been released

As the title says
Go get your update

iOS update has been released
I think that's like Apple correct?
And just what and where do these updates go?
Into the radio? I use android.

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Thanks. Went to check and mine already auto-installed. Any word on what's new with this update, Agustine?
Right from Autel:

Both Android and iOS have updates. Head to your app store to download new features.

What's New:
- Added Flight Records, sign into your Autel Robotics account and easily review flight logs.
- Added "Me" profile, sign into your Autel Robotics account, access support content, register your aircraft and review flight logs
- Added settings for EXP and Teaching Mode
* Note: EXP and teaching mode features require the April 2017 Firmware.

Create and account online to access new features!

Current Version:
iOS: V1.4.24
Android: V2.0.2.22
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I hear ya about the firmware.
Funny thing is i am running the android APP and it reads as Android: V2.0.2.23
So those BOZOS at Autel need to get together and get their stories straight :)
still missing the little things.

How about...
follow me or object and NOT Follow the controller.
Go Home Altitude still to low at only 650ft

I'm sure everyone who has been talking to Autel will throw their MISSING items
So we have to view flight logs through Autel account? I'm confused. Isn't that stored in the aircraft or the controller? Why do we log in to Autel account?
I don't understand this new android version. V 2.2 stuff.
I happened to be in touch yesterday with Dan at Autel.
And asked if I needed to down load this.
He said no. You will be prompted on you radio/bird when it needs to be.

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