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Fire Tablets work with Starlink app


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Dec 16, 2016
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That is great to know. The Fire would be an affordable way to supply the FPV and systems needs.

I would like to add that after my first flight trying to use Starlink and the cached Google Maps I saved on my Google Nexus, I could not pick them up in the field. Since then, and after talking with an Autel rep, I tried updating the Google Maps app on my tablet. Though I have not tried the app with the integrated system: aircraft, radio and tablet, the maps seem to be staying in the tablet on both Google Maps and Starlink without any WIFI connection at all. That is what I am looking for for future waypoint-directed flights.
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In case anyone was wondering, I got the Starlink app on a Fire tablet and got it to work. I'm using the Fire Tablet HD 8, got it for $67 through Amazon Warehouse Deals (normally $90).

Haven't flown with it yet, but I connected to camera and maps when I connected it at home.

Followed instructions in the below link (Method 2):


I know this is a old post but have you done any further testing with your Fire Tablet HD 8? And if so how is it working out for you?
I know this is a old post but have you done any further testing with your Fire Tablet HD 8? And if so how is it working out for you?
I tried my fire10 today. I have the app on the kindle but I can't get it to do any thing. It connects and gives me some instructions about the controller but that's all. If somebody has some info I would appreciate it myself.
Has anyone had any luck connecting there Fire HD tablet to the Starlink app? I was trying to follow the steps that is in the link from the first post but I am not the tech savvy please help if you can cuz I just bought one with the hopes of it working. Any help would be very appreciated..

Okay Update, I have found out how to do this and it works great, three flights and no problems. Here is the process 1) connect your kindle to your computer via USB cable, on your tablet go into Settings then Security look for (Apps from Unknown Sources) enable it (turn it on), go back to your computer and type in a search for google play store ES File Manager down load this after was complete the Amazon web site came up and on the right it asked if I wanted it to go to my fire, click yes this might take a minute, to check when it is done on your kindle on your home page swipe up and you will see the Icon on the bottom. NOW go back to your computer and watch this guy video
okay the first part were he changes the settings we've already done. Now I never had to put my tablet to sleep and wake it up like he did and I believe that is because I installed the ES File app, he has posted links to the sites, click on (show more) on his page and you will see them if you want here they are in order
1) Google Services Framework .APK Download | Raw APK
2)Google Play Services .APK Download | Raw APK
3)Google Account Manager .APK Download | Raw APK
4)Google Play Store .APK Download | Raw APK
Now I would just type these sites into your tablet and after that go to the google play store and down load the star link app, I did receive a prompt saying this app may not run properly from the star link app but I down loaded it and I have had no issues at all.
Happy Flying
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