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Drone won't communicate with the controller after water crash


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Jul 14, 2020
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My EVO II has a battery failure and crashed into the river 6 days ago. I dried it overnight by placing it in front of the fireplace and it appeared to be completely dry by the next day. I powered up the controller and the drone and it took longer than normal to connect but it did connect. But, within a few seconds it disconnected and would not connect again. I powered it off and removed the battery and the outer shell and placed it in rice for 5 days. I took it out and tested it and everything looks and sounds normal except the remote won't connect to the drone. I tried pairing it again but the pairing light doesn't flash and it won't pair. I've read this can be cause by a faulty radio module.

My question is, does anyone know where the radio module is? Is it integrated into the main board or is it a separate part? I have an extra EVO II that crashed and has a broken frame(where the motor arm attaches). That drone works fine so I can harvest parts from it to fix this drone, if I know what parts I'll need. Does anyone here have any insight as to what part would need to be replaced to get the drone to communicate with the controller? @Blade Strike do you have any suggestions? TIA

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