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Be careful who you sell your Evo to.


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Jan 14, 2019
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Just a quick heads up. If you ever thinking of selling your Evo 1 be careful who you sell it to. I have had my Evo 1 for sale on Offer Up for quite sometime and get low ball offers and offers lower than asking but recently I had someone offer full asking price without any haggling which was the first red flag, when I actually met the person that wanted to buy it I immediately noticed he was on some drug probably meth and I he also said that he only had half of the money in cash and the other he could send it to me through cash app which I said no. Obviously realizing that there was something fishy going on I did not bring the drone with me during the meeting but had my wife holding it around the corner. He said that if I did not have the cash app he could come back in an hour and bring the rest but he also wanted to see the drone and I told no cash no drone. He ended up calling and messaging me afterwards from a phone that was not even under the name he gave me and showed it belonged to a woman stating that he had the rest of the money but I did not bother dealing with him afterwards. I did think he might have been telling the truth about getting the rest of the money but it made me think what reason would he want my Evo so bad when he said he already had a DJI Zoom and then it came to me that he was probably wanting to use the no geofencing that Autel has and proabably use it to do something illegal like maybe dropping illegal drugs at a prison or something like this since the Evo1 could carry a pretty big payload. Also since I have my Evo registered with the serial number with the FAA it probably would also be a good idea to get that updated if I ever end up selling it. Just wanted to share this.
I have not not found a way to un-register a drone linked to my credentials in the FAA Drone Zone Site. Has anyone here accomplish Ed that task upon retiring or selling a used FAA registered drone?
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Al H. would have never been caught up in such a situation where things could have gone sideways so quickly in the final innings. Having the goods stashed nearby is never the answer to a safe transaction. But I guess she ended up being the real "save" and ultimately the crook "struck out." No pun intended.

In the FAA dashboard, to remove your drone from your inventory, as a recreational drone pilot, under manage inventory you can select the drone and under actions, choose cancel. If you don't have drones listed in your inventory and you would rather cancel your entire registration, maybe just start a new registration for $5 later, before managing your inventory just choose cancel.
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So far I have had pretty good luck selling my used drones on eBay but it is always a risk.
There are some photography websites who buy used drones. Adorama and B&H are a couple of them.
I'm in the same boat, trying to sell my EVO 1. I went to the FAA website and you can delete a drone you have registered. I think you might need to remove it from your Autel account as well, just in case the buyer uses it for nefarious causes.
I have two Evo 1 drones that are in excellent condition. I am holding on to them because they still do the job. They really are capable drones, and I haven't seen anything in newer Autel drones that make me say "I gotta have that!"
So, if my tools work for me, I see no compelling reason to switch or upgrade.

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