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Bad photo quality


Feb 9, 2024
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I just got my Autel Evo Lite+ and im testing it to get used to the drone. I noticed that when im taking photos the quality is really bad but video quality is very good. Is that normal? If not, which settings do I need to adjust to get good photo quality? Final question, is it normal that my phone doesnt charge with the rc controller when connected? When I turn on the rc controller, I get the charging sign on my phone, but after maybe 3 seconds it disappears
First question (and most basic), look at lower right of the Autel Sky app when it's connected to your drone. When it's in photo mode, does it say 'PRO' or 'AUTO'? If it's in PRO, it might have the manual exposure settings set wrong. If it's in PRO setting, set it to AUTO and take a picture. That's the first thing to try. If that is all it is, read up on how to manually set the exposure settings if you want to use PRO mode on the lite+. Does it appear that the photos are very over or under exposed? Also make sure it's in SHOOT setting and not in the NIGHT setting. The NIGHT setting can juice up the ISO by quite a bit. If you bought the drone new, I'd be real surprised if any of my suggestions apply - if purchased used and the previous owner didn't reset to factory settings using the Sky app before selling to you then my suggestions might apply.

I've had mine for 8 months and it's been excellent for both photo and video. Love this drone.
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