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Autel press release - new cameras and new prototype bird

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Sure, leave existing customers with a half baked product and come out with a new one. Way to go Autel. See Ya!
Sure, leave existing customers with a half baked product and come out with a new one. Way to go Autel. See Ya!

I assume you're talking about the YAW issue and a coming firmware update to address it? You're implying that Autel is essentially abandoning the XSP and firmware updates but I have to disagree. To the contrary, the very design of the X-Star is unique in that it allows for camera updates without purchasing a new drone, so Autel would need to continue supporting the platform on which it flies in keeping with the spirit of the design's intent.

Even Autel's press release said - “We always strive to provide the best-possible user experience with every aspect of what we do, and that includes creating long-term value for our customers with our products,” Natalie Cheng, Autel Robotics USA Director of Communications, said.

I guess I'm the anomaly in that I prefer Autel to take their time and release a stable firmware rather than rush one out the door to appease folks hollering the most. DJI did that and screwed many of their customers to the point that they had to roll back firmware in order to have a usable drone. I hope Autel doesn't do that to us.
I am new at this and hope that Autel lives up to what it says it will do relative to continued support of its products already in the field. All too often companies fail to deliver with fixes they have known about for some-time

I have not yet purchased my X- Premium and I will wait to purchase until they fix the Yaw problem. I hope this gets done soon.

I came to Autel from DJI because of all the poor customer service complaints found with DJI. I hope that I am not chasing my tail and have to go back with my original plans to purchase the P3 Pro. The X-Premium does everything I really need but the Yaw problem is a deal breaker for me.

Lets keep our fingers crossed for some action from Autel.
Maybe I got lucky with my drone. I don't have a yaw issue. Yes it can be a little twitchy if you make sudden adjustments but like anything else you should be able to learn to make adjustments to counter the "issue" no drone is perfect, nor is FW.

If you are happy going fly a DJI and deal with their own set of problems but without the support you get with Autel.

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This is a thrilling video! The key word used in it is "modules", meaning we existing users will in many cases be able to add or modify our X-Stars with such things as obstacle avoidance, infrared/thermal cameras...I am SO thankful I went with Autel.
This was recently discussed here. Be sure and check the search before you craft your post. ;)
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