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Almost an Autel Owner

Dec 1, 2016
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Ordered an X-Star Premium last night only to find out today that Autels $200 rebate to dealers expired the 25th so they are back up to $899 for the beginner package. Bummed out big time . Now to wait until they go back to $699. No telling when. My grandson and I both got udi u842 predators for Christmas so I guess we play with them in the meantime
Just tried to do some research for ya but yes it does appear that they are back up to $900 everywhere. Sorry man! also check the classifieds on here. People sell theirs all the time.
Thanks Russty for your encouragement. I was wondering if there was anybody out there who was feeling sorry for me....LOLOLO
I found a new one on ebay last pm for 749 and free ship and clicked buy it now....so I should be in business soon. Have a wonderful new year. blessings
I bought mine yesterday at Bestbuy In Fredericksburg VA and it was 749.99. That.'s not too far off?
My eBay deal fell through but I found one on Amazon when they went back to $749. Just flew it for the first time today and wow this thing is so cool
Very cool, i'm ready for a break in the weather so I can fly mine. I owned a DJI Advanced and for the money I found the Autel to be a better deal. Not to mention very responsive support staff and the reviews are stellar. Now let's see that beautiful drone footage. :) Congrats on ownership.

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