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2 New Android Test Apps


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Jan 18, 2017
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Northern Ontario
These are the latest test Android apps from Autel. They are still trying to get rid of the video interference that some are experiencing. I am running Test #1 and have had zero problems with it.
If you choose to download these files and install them I take NO responsibility if something bad should happen :) Use at your own risk

Test 1 and 2 APP.rar
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I'll give this a shot. I've been experiencing terrible reception/interference to the point where I don't enjoy flying the XSP and refrain from flying it.
What should I see when these are downloaded? I have downloaded but my nvidia says it can't open files. I see these are bin files do I need to perform something with starlink? I an currently running version V2.02.2.22. Thanks

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Its not a .bin file its a .rar file that you should have downloaded to your computer. Rar files are compressed files to make upload and download of files easier. You need winrar to unrar the file. Inside the rar file you will see the two .apk files to install on your phone or tablet. If you don't understand on how to install .apk files then I suggest you don't even bother and wait for the official release of a upgraded starlink app.
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Got it, thank you. Did not have winrar installed; when it downloaded initially it attached a .bin extension for some reason.
Today it has finally allowed me to test both APPs. I did the full test\review where I live which is out in the country with very little WiFi or any other interference. From these test I have to say App # test1 is the winner hands down. App # test2 started pixelating 400 feet out whee as App #test1 I had zero pixelating.

So I also did a test 25 miles away down at the cities marina where they offer free WiFi. Both apps failed big time. All I got during the testing was VI. I then reinstalled the default app from google play store and it was great.
No rhyme or reason for this, all I know its very frustrating to go someplace nice to take photos or video and you get the VI.

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