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  1. chris010572

    AUTEL Accessories FOR SALE - 3 Batteries & 1 Charger - ITELITE dbs range extender

    --------------------------------------- 1ST ITEM FOR SALE --------------------------------------- Accessories to fit the Autel X Star & X Star Premium models. * 3 Autel batteries * 1 Autel charger * 2 original battery boxes * Carry case These are OEM Autel brand items in excellent condition...
  2. G

    Super clean like new XsTaR Premium with extras

    I have a like new very few hours flown, xstar premium for sale. Only $680 free shipping cont. usa you get: Like new xstar premium bird . 2 sets of props hard case paperwork extra parts and tools 64 g high quilty high speed mem card mem card adaptor for computer xstar lanyard like new radio...
  3. Mr $panky

    breaking all the rules! learning to fly O_o

    still learning to fly the thing yes I know I suck ... enjoy the landscape... for just above the tree tops works well and ND filters!!! I don't like the flare cant really fly towards the sun with out tear flare be nice if it was more symmetrical or filmic look ,watch how I make the yaw work for...
  4. Mr $panky

    USB in front of X-STAR

    is it possible that a after market sensor could be plug in here for avoidance detection device? preferable made by autels engineers