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  1. CW3Drones

    WebODM and Orthomosaics with Autel Evo II 8k

    I’ve been practicing orthos with my Autel 2 8k using the mission plan in the explorer app, and WebODM. Is there a free open source software solution to accurately mark GCPs? I’ve seen lots of subscription services and expensive GCPS like Propeller, etc., but don’t want to commit until I have a...
  2. YuKay

    A cure for video jitters?

    Occasionally people post about jerky video and especially jerky yaws. Although I'm a novice pilot, I get smooth video from my EVO by following a few rules and avoiding a few pitfalls so this may be helpful to others. 1. MEMORY CARD The current generation of microSD cards is only just capable of...