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part 107

  1. DroneDriver

    Part 107 rules at a glance

    I came across this graphic summary of the majority of rules regarding FAA Part 107 drone flight within different airspace that I thought was kind of cool. If you wish... Print it out, laminate it for quick reference.
  2. brian bwin

    Airspace Authorization for Class D

    Just wanted to share my experience filing for, and receiving, a Certificate of Waiver/Authorization for flying in Class D airspace under Part 107 in the United States. Long post, sorry! Hope it is interesting/helpful. Background: Request for construction progress video and photos to be taken...
  3. T

    Part 107 - Full Text

    Although the summaries appear to cover most of the important parts of Part 107, I was curious about the original text. It is surprisingly interesting partly because they discuss suggestions made regarding uAS rules and their response. One section, Conspicuity ( a word I've never seen), discusses...
  4. RJ_Make

    Noob To Part 107 sUAS Pilot -- Can it been done? -- The Gold Seal Way

    I would like to use this thread to report on my "Noob to Part 107 sUAS Pilot" journey. I'm starting the Gold Seal Remote Pilot Ground School today in the hopes I can learn what I need to know in order to achieve my Part 107 certification. I currently know NOTHING, and quite frankly I'm a little...