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  1. Delta Blue

    Fun at Pop Warner

    I was flying near a Pop Warner Football park so I had a bit of fun there with the X-Star. All settings on auto.
  2. Delta Blue

    Today's Sunrise

    I have been lucky to find favorable flying days the last couple weeks especially, and have done a lot of testing at the park nearby. What an excellent machine, the X-Star! I finally got to do more than just test today, and felt like taking advantage of the warm, calm weather to capture the...
  3. Delta Blue

    Finally First Premium Video

    The weather finally thawed and went above freezing since I got this X-Star for Christmas, and before the winds with the new front moving in got too high today I had a window in which to fly. I took Pumpkin One to the park and easily added several waypoints and happily let the machine do the...