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obstacle avoidance

  1. M

    Autel nano+ obstacle avoidance repair

    So i finally gave up with flying with obstacle avoidance turned off... It kept showing something infront 9.5' away... How it likely happened? Well during a landing the props didn't all shut down at the same time so it flipped over after doing the dance - thrashing all my blades in the process...
  2. M

    Right Obstacle avoidance sensor always detects something even though there is nothing there.

    We just got our Evo II pro a few days ago. I took it out yesterday and if flew fine. It said a something about needing to calibrate the OA system using the downloadable tool, so this morning, I downloaded it and did that. 3/6 were in need of calibration according to the software, including the...
  3. STRATDrone

    EVO II 8K always sensed overhead obstacle -

    My EVO II has been perfect until today. I haven't flown in 3 weeks here in CT and when I took it out this afternoon the drone took off but would not move vertically no matter what I did. Vertical Obstacle avoidance notification came up. It is a hazy day here in Connecticut 85 degrees, no...