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  1. mdreuben

    Nano+ Everything is Blurry After Firmware Upgrade

    I just did a firmware upgrade and everything is now blurry. Even attempting manual focus does nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. M

    Crashed Nano+

    Hey everyone... I'm new to drones and Autel. Got my Nano+ about 10 days ago and have made some nice shots and edited together some sample videos that I'm really happy with in the hopes of starting up a drone photography business. (I have my 107) Well... today sucked. Ascended into some small...
  3. T

    Any bigger batteries for NANO+?

    2250 mAH is a bit small, the 25+ minutes of flight time has never actually been that long for me (more like 15-20). By the time I get the drone in place for video/pictures I am at like 50% Has anyone ever seen inside a battery? Is it possible to perhaps attach bigger battery in some way...
  4. T

    Faster Charging for Nano/Nano+, in-the-field charging, higher current PD modes.

    Does the Autel Nano+ charger use PD (Power Delivery) or QuickCharge protocol? It looks like the wall adapter is supporting USB PD 2.0 1.0. The small print (through magnifying glass) says: Output USB-C 5.0v=3.0A, 9.0v=3.0A, 12.0v=2.5A 30.0W USB-A 5.0v=3.0A, 9.0V=2.0A, 12.0v=1.5A 18.0W I've...
  5. T

    Nano+ issues - gimbal/camera, LR/rotate, HDR resets.

    Hello fellow drone pilots, I just purchased and received my Autel Nano+ drone. I do have some previous hobbyist level drone experience and also have a larger scale DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. It's too large to travel far with and the video quality is not up to current standards, otherwise, it...