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  1. H

    Evo Nano+ Flight and App logs

    Hello everyone! Have any of you already dealt with the flight logs of the Evo Nano+? I found them in /data/media/0/Android/data/com.autel.autelsky/files/FlightLog as @trontar already said. Unfortunately I can't interpret them. Has anyone of you already written a parser or have an idea how to...
  2. Y

    Autel drone battery sale!Promotional price

    🚀 Are you a drone enthusiast? Autel has brought you an incredible promotion! Our high-performance batteries are now available at shockingly low prices to breathe new life into your love of flying! Longer endurance, longer flight time Fast charging, so you can quickly return to the blue sky...
  3. mdreuben

    Nano+ Everything is Blurry After Firmware Upgrade

    I just did a firmware upgrade and everything is now blurry. Even attempting manual focus does nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. M

    Crashed Nano+

    Hey everyone... I'm new to drones and Autel. Got my Nano+ about 10 days ago and have made some nice shots and edited together some sample videos that I'm really happy with in the hopes of starting up a drone photography business. (I have my 107) Well... today sucked. Ascended into some small...
  5. T

    Any bigger batteries for NANO+?

    2250 mAH is a bit small, the 25+ minutes of flight time has never actually been that long for me (more like 15-20). By the time I get the drone in place for video/pictures I am at like 50% Has anyone ever seen inside a battery? Is it possible to perhaps attach bigger battery in some way...
  6. T

    Faster Charging for Nano/Nano+, in-the-field charging, higher current PD modes.

    Does the Autel Nano+ charger use PD (Power Delivery) or QuickCharge protocol? It looks like the wall adapter is supporting USB PD 2.0 1.0. The small print (through magnifying glass) says: Output USB-C 5.0v=3.0A, 9.0v=3.0A, 12.0v=2.5A 30.0W USB-A 5.0v=3.0A, 9.0V=2.0A, 12.0v=1.5A 18.0W I've...
  7. T

    Nano+ issues - gimbal/camera, LR/rotate, HDR resets.

    Hello fellow drone pilots, I just purchased and received my Autel Nano+ drone. I do have some previous hobbyist level drone experience and also have a larger scale DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. It's too large to travel far with and the video quality is not up to current standards, otherwise, it...