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max 4t

  1. F

    Autel Max 4T battery charger / HUB

    Hi Mates, I have been extensely looking in the internet for a charging hub of the Autel Max 4T batteries, but it still does not exist. Also the official charger is still not in stock. I have been researching about the battery voltages and charging inputs for the MAX 4T batteries, the charging...
  2. pyrozyme

    EVO Max 4T in Underground Mining Application

    Greetings! Part of the reason for purchasing the Max was to test it at some of our underground mines for inspection and photogrammetric survey purposes. I've reached out to Autel with no response yet (~24 hours only), and was able to chat with Joe at Vertigo Drones for a while. I'm hoping the...
  3. pyrozyme

    EVO Max 4T / Firmware Update "Firmware file verification failed"

    Greetings. I did my first flights with the new Max today and was really happy with it. However... As expected there were firmware updates for the drone and controller. Both downloaded well and after the controller updated it requested that I restart the drone and the controller, which I did. Now...