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  1. H

    Why I NEVER use LUTS When Primaries Grading EVO II 6K Footage

    I thought it was time to share another food for thought post and while this does not usually cost money, some people do in fact pay for primaries LUTs so this is another post that could save you money. Similar to the posts on why I never use CPL filters and why I never use ND filters with drone...
  2. NewZona Rides

    Editing Autel Evo Video Using LUTS

    Learn with me how to use luts for the first time.
  3. F

    EVO LUTS for Final Cut, etc.

    I've attached 3 LUTs that I created today for the EVO. These are used for color adjustments for recordings made using the "LOG" color option. I was unable to find any EVO LUTS online so I took a stab at creating these. I hope someone can find them useful. These are standard LUT files. I...