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  1. L

    Can the Android SDK be used on the secondary remote controller?

    I am now doing the secondary development for AUTEL EVO II dual v1.0. I found that the waypoint function for EVO II has not been implemented in the sample code. Considering this huge workload cannot be implemented in several days, I am considering using the dual controller scheme. That is, the...
  2. O

    New Update For EVO II V1

    Can someone please just send me the link for the newest update for the EVOII...need the one that works with iPhone. I tried looking on other threads and it is just too confusing the way people post them between the V1 and V2 ****
  3. W

    IOS App is available on request

    If you want the ios app all you need is to send Autel a message with the serial number of your drone and your apple ID email and they will send you a private link to download the beta! It works great for me!