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    *NEED HELP* Immediately lost drone control upon takeoff - can still potentially recover.

    TLDR: Lost connection with drone upon takeoff but maintained video connection. Winds ~26mph according to phone app. Flight path likely took drone directly over cell phone tower. Ended up reconnecting with the drone after it was downed but it did not provide/provided false information on its...
  2. D

    ?No more GPS Data on the Screen? CE Documents

    Hi Guys, if have a problem with my Autel EVO II Pro 640T since few days. We are active in wildlife monitoring and have always had the GPS data displayed on the tablet so far (52.012478, 14.023554). Since a few days this display is no longer visible, perhaps this is also related to the...
  3. S

    Lost Evo 2, Perhaps wrong coordinates shown at crash?

    Hello fellow Evo fans. I had an incident last week where I was flying my drone and facing some unexpected headwinds and degraded performance in the return home. The bird went down within view of my house (I could see my house in the last image) -- Just 300 meters from Launch point. It...
  4. T

    Autel Evo II GPS Issues

    I get the “GPS Signal Weak” warning and ”There may be some deviation between the landing point and the home point. Please pay attention when the aircraft is landing” pop-up message on EVERY single takeoff with my Autel Evo II Pro. This is VERY annoying and makes me concerned there is a problem...