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evo max 4t

  1. J

    Get drone data using Autel mobile SDK 2.0

    Hello I am developing an application to read the drone data (images and sensors data) while it is flying, so I need get the data in real time. I am using Autel mobile SDK 2.0 but I can't find the functions to get the data, I only find functions to control the drone. I tried use the media...
  2. J

    Connect evo max 4t to live deck 2

    Hello everyone Is it possible to connect the evo max 4T drone to the live deck 2? I have tried pushing double click to the power button of the drone and it connects to the remote controller but not to live deck 2. And could you tell me if is it possible get out the drone image and sensors data...
  3. D

    Thermal camera does not work after an upgrade.

    Hello, I have a few 4T drones and started having an issue with the thermal camera after upgrading from 1.5.0.xx to 1.6.xx firmware on one drone. I see N/A IR, no stream, just a blank rectangle where the image should be. The day camera works fine, and zoom works as well. No errors on the...
  4. E

    How can I use the top type c connector

    Hey,I want to use the type c that exist on top of the drone, how can I use it or enable it? And what are the functions that it can do? I would like to know if there is any kind of manual or guide for how to use the type c Thank you very much
  5. F

    Beacon light quit working. EVO MAX 4 T.

    I purchased an Autel EVO MAX 4T about 3.5 weeks ago. I’ve been through the latest updates and everything is getting better and better with those each time. One problem I have now is that my top beacon light has just quit working. Worked just fine for the first couple of weeks or so, then out of...