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evo ii v2

  1. R

    Beware V2 2.3.8 Firmware - Polygonal Missions

    Beware the V2 2.3.8 firmware release. I upgraded to 2.3.8 a few weeks ago. I use the Evo II Pro with RTK for mapping. The issues I am experiencing with the new firmware include the following: Neither the rinex file nor the timestamp.mrk file is generated when using the RTK module. Prior to...
  2. advexure

    EVO II V2 Units are now available!

    EVO II V2 units will begin shipping from Advexure next week and are now available online. Be sure to select "V2" when ordering. Advexure will continue to offer and maintain plentiful stock of V1 systems for as long as we can to be able to support our partners who are looking to add additional...