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evo 2 v1

  1. A

    Evo 2 fails IMU calibration at step 2

    Hi! Recently my Evo 2 V1 stopped properly detecting landings and the motors fail to shut down 60% of the landings, unless you do a weird yaw motion with the drone that triggers an ESC failsafe, but it looks really sketchy. Had this problem in the past, but it was easily fixed with an IMU...
  2. D

    How to change profile picture in Explorer app?

    Saw the instructions for doing this in the Evo I forum, followed them and it does not work on the Evo 2 which is what I have. Evo 2 V1 (Renewed) The app appears to let me try and change the picture, but opening up my profile, then touching the blank picture. My personal information displays...