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evo 1

  1. AerialsOfRocco

    Summer is Coming 2 - Short film

    Hey everyone, hope you're doing well! I'm excited to announce that I finished my latest short film and it has been released on youtube for those who wish to watch it! All but one of the drone shots were shot on my Autel Evo 1! Hope you all enjoy! Link:
  2. E

    Autel EVO 1 Original Rugged Case Parts for Sale Toronto

    I lost my new drone shortly after purchase and have the following for sale. 1) GPC Rugged Bundle Go Pro Case for sale 2) 2 Batteries 3) Quad battery charger 4) Remote 5) Car Charger (still in package and never used) 6) Freewill ND filters (never used) 7) Charger and other cables 8) Decals All...
  3. A

    SOLD: EVO 1 Rugged Bundle + Tons of Extras

    Excellent condition, updated firmware, fly's great! $699 OBO Custom Hard Case Drone, Controller, 3 Batteries Total, AC Charger, 1 set of extra Props Autel Multi charger ND Filters Car Charger Autel Lighting System
  4. E

    Florida Sunrise Above the Fog Layer and Landing

    This is my first time posting a video on this forum. On October 26th I sent my Evo I up in the dark to capture the pending sunrise. The controller kept notifying me that there was an object 2 feet ahead - I couldn't see anything as it was dark but I assumed it was fog. I broke through the fog...
  5. B

    As New ND Filter Set + ND1000 for Evo 1

    Hi everyone I recently sold my Evo and still have avirtually brand new set of ND filters. I had also bought an extra ND1000 ($49 for this one filter) that I planned on using for long exposure photos but never even used it once. I am a professional aerial cinematographer at Romero Pictures...
  6. Antonello

    Altra centrale elettrica Sardegna

    Yesterday Sunday 23 August I thought I was flying but the wind was strong and then in some countries there were fires so I just took a few shots in an isolated landscape