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drone settings

  1. Gpop24

    Changing the Altitude setting

    Explorer App on Android platform. How do you change the Altitude limit setting? When the warning screen comes up there is no way to acknowledge the warning and change the settings.
  2. Pork Belly

    ***SOLD. Mavic Pro for Sale w/ Extras - Excellent Condition $850 Neg

    Comes with exactly what you see in the pictures. Excellent condition. Looks and feels like new! There's a slight ding on the stock filter. Cheap fix. - 2 extra batteries (3 total) 1 battery has a battery error (10 cycles), I've heard it can be fixed, but I don't have the time. - Remote - Extra...
  3. Mbarrington2

    Evo and mavic pro side by side

    side by side at the same time, same altitude, same filter, same settings