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  1. micahmesser

    No Live Display on Controller or App

    Hello, I just purchased the EVO II Pro direct from Autel. I received it yesterday, followed the instructions, downloaded the latest Autel Explorer V2 app, and charged everything up. I connected my phone to the controller, turned on the controller and then the drone. I was able to control...
  2. G

    No Connection To Drone Whatsoever

    When I plug my phone(S7 Edge) into the controller, the controller breifly says, App Connected, but then says, Disconnected, right after that. I am using a Samsung branded cable as well. On my phone, when trying to access the video feed, simply says "aircraft disconnected." Also, when booting up...
  3. DroneDriver

    Vufine+ wearable display

    Does anyone have any experience with this product? If so, what did you think? Products