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  1. C

    Evo lite plus braid (loop) of gimbal

    Good day, everyone! After an unplanned fall, the camera suspension of my Light Plus was damaged. In particular broke the braid (loop) of the gimbal. Maybe among the members of the forum someone has an unwanted suspension with a full braid, left from the drone, or you can lead me to the right...
  2. A

    SOLD !!!!! 640T Dual Thermal Camera $4500

    SOLD !!!! ONLY US$4500 640T Dual Thermal Camera (Radiometric - InfiRay) for Autel EVO II Drone as Good as New, almost never used Dual Thermal Radiometric Resolutions up to 640x512 and 8K sensor
  3. V

    Mounting bracket for 360 camera

    Folks, Anyone know of a good mounting bracket with a 1/4 20 hole for mounting a camera beneath the Evo 2? I'm very aware of covering the sensors on the underside. I called Autel, and they confirmed the payload capacity for the Evo 2 is 1174 grams Would love a link up if possible
  4. B

    As New ND Filter Set + ND1000 for Evo 1

    Hi everyone I recently sold my Evo and still have avirtually brand new set of ND filters. I had also bought an extra ND1000 ($49 for this one filter) that I planned on using for long exposure photos but never even used it once. I am a professional aerial cinematographer at Romero Pictures...
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    Failed To Set Up Camera Parameters

    Hi everyone, Just got my new Evo yesterday! Hooray! I was getting everything set up this morning and received an alert to update the firmware. I followed everything to the letter but now I keep getting this failure message when I go to change different camera settings such as frame rate...