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    EVO 1 with hardcase, Hawk XR Long range antenna, extra remote and 3 recent batteries. Price Reduced to $700

    Price Reduced to $800 :) I have an EVO 1 for sale. The kit includes a lot of extras. Below is what is included: EVO 1 EVO 1 controller modified to accepts screw on antenna connections EVO 1 controller modified to accept teh 4Hawks XR long range antenna system (Only one remote can be bound to...
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    It's ALIENTECH new design for the Autel Lite+ and it's great.

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    Invite you to participate that We are looking for 100 super early bird backers.

    Our new project is coming soon on Kickstarter.com. This new project is about adapters for AUTEL Lite+, Nano+. This unique contemporary design expands the Autel Lite+ remote control capabilities. I invite you to participate. We are looking for 100 early bird backers for the project, and the...
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    Replacement antenna for Evo 1 controller

    My Evo 1 smart controller antenna finally broke. The hinge completely broke in two and the pin is lost. What is the recommended replacement antenna? I tried searching through the threads but didn’t find a clear answer. Thanks for your help.
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    Autel Evo using 4Hawks SR antenna not getting better range.

    Hi, I just bought the 4Hawks SR antenna but I don't see any improvement in range. I still get about the same range as the normal antennas. The signal bars shown at the top of the Explorer app start to go down only after around 2km or 1.2miles. I keep getting a message "video signal is weak at...