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  1. D

    FAA Airspace question about Surface

    If restricted airspace around an airport starts at the surface. Does that mean that it's the surface field elevation or the surface of the ground no matter what the elevation within that 5miles of the airport. For example: If there is a Class B airspace at an airport with a field elevation...
  2. Delta Blue

    The Coming UTM System

    I benefited from reading this article about the push to create the UAS Traffic Management System that we may be encountering in the next few years, being developed and tested by NASA, that will organize the way the FAA works with local governments and civil rights, and others may benefit as...
  3. Delta Blue

    Airmap versus Skyvector

    I am going to take the 107 test early spring. The studies I have been using recommend Skyvector for aviation/airspace information, which closely reflects the way my studies have been explained and visually demonstrated. Recently, Autel, on its website recommended pilots use the Airmap app. In...