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3d mapping

  1. J

    What do you all use for "Checkpoints" during mapping missions?

    Hello, I work in Forensics for law enforcement and I am currently establishing policies for our drone missions. Predominantly, we will be using our drones for mapping of large scenes to supplement our laser scan data. With our laser scans, we validate them with an object of fixed and known...
  2. Radioman56

    EVO II Pro & Mapping Solutions

    Hi Guys! I recently have had an opportunity to add a bunch of Mapping jobs (in my primary area of business in Chicago's Class C & Class B airspace) to my workflow and have added the EVO II Pro Rugged Bundle to continue this workflow without DJI Geo-fencing issue constantly slowing me down. I...
  3. DroneOfArc

    3D mapping photogrammetry

    I want to do some 3D mapping (photogrammetry) with my new xstar premium, is this possible? I've seen some youtube videos but still unsure whether they are current as of the state of the drone today. Was the SDK ever released? If not, why?