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  1. V

    Mounting bracket for 360 camera

    Folks, Anyone know of a good mounting bracket with a 1/4 20 hole for mounting a camera beneath the Evo 2? I'm very aware of covering the sensors on the underside. I called Autel, and they confirmed the payload capacity for the Evo 2 is 1174 grams Would love a link up if possible
  2. A

    panorama from the pumpkin

    https://goo.gl/photos/2TiZVEfcD8ibv5V37 click a few times in the center of the pic to make it pano and twirl. the trial software left the watermark. i flew 2 altitudes, 150ft and 300 ft...all on auto settings. the software lets one put in "hotspots" to toggle to another pano or url or...