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Recent content by WayneJohn

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    An Old Railroad Bridge

    Great ideas!!
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    An Old Railroad Bridge

    I liked the reflection of the sky in the water, and your use of your gimbal. Nice bridge. A pity when it eventually goes. I spotted you in the bushes at the end!! LOL
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    2 abandoned places in my Sardinia

    Nice videos. Damn eagle!!
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    Flying the Evo along the Oregon coast

    Nice video. Just the panning was a bit fast at times. Thanks.
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    Evo 2 Pro 6K Chicago Night Footage

    Excellent, thanks.
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    Just some practice footage

    Haha. Thanks for the reply. Great car response.
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    parachute evo2

    or you can just not take off... ever...
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    parachute evo2

    Yes, but at least it will float down nicely. LOL
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    parachute evo2

    Just buy it! FAA can wait.
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    parachute evo2

    Rather have it and possibly fail, that to have nothing and 100% fail, I'd say.
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    Just some practice footage

    Very nice. Pity you could not get through that top window with a light on the Evo. Nice car, btw.
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    My best shots from April! Shot on my Evo 1

    EXCELLENT!!! It was like extracts from a movie. Impressed. Well done. Great audio and well cut. Loved the b&w and color at the end. A bit horror-movie like.
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    San Miguel Mountain and Sweetwater Reservoir

    Very nice!! Great area.
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    EvoII PRO 6K Sample Chicago Footage

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    Hexagonal Volcanic Column Jungle | EVO

    Looks odd when you play the footage in reverse. Nice one, thanks.