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Recent content by WayneJohn

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    Six New Autel Drones: New EVO II V3 Series

    They should also jack up their service dept 1000%.
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    Wild Dolphins of Coochiemudlo Island

    Excellent, thank you.
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    Pano shots tests

    Stunning pic. Thanks.
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    All about Evo 2 Pro course. (For free )

    Thanks for this link.
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    All about Evo 2 Pro course. (For free )

    Thanks for this link.
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    Former cement factory abandoned for over 45 years

    Nice. I thought you may have wanted go down to that 'barn/shed' or over to that railway tunnel heading into the mountain, or have gotten inside through one of the openings in the walls or doors. Very good video, thanks. Very interesting looking around.
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    Galician coast, Spain

    Not a problem. It is actually not noticeable at all unless you check out the waves carefully. Nicely done, though. 👍👍👍👍
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    Galician coast, Spain

    Beautiful video, thanks. Saw the video in reverse at the end. Waves going backwards. LOL. No worries. Nice.
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    An Old Railroad Bridge

    Great ideas!!
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    An Old Railroad Bridge

    I liked the reflection of the sky in the water, and your use of your gimbal. Nice bridge. A pity when it eventually goes. I spotted you in the bushes at the end!! LOL
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    2 abandoned places in my Sardinia

    Nice videos. Damn eagle!!
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    Flying the Evo along the Oregon coast

    Nice video. Just the panning was a bit fast at times. Thanks.
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    Evo 2 Pro 6K Chicago Night Footage

    Excellent, thanks.
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    Just some practice footage

    Haha. Thanks for the reply. Great car response.
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    parachute evo2

    or you can just not take off... ever...