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Recent content by Trox

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    FAA enforcement action 20 Thousand dollar fine

    ? ? Well Tufargon you can look at it in two ways. After four businesses, a corporation, and total of nine full careers its nice to now have wayyyyyyyyy too much time on my hands. Earned it. And my endangered whale watching documenting flight was aborted today as its done nothing but rain all...
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    Pilot training course costs

    There is nothing in Alaska as a formal training school for the actual flying. That is actually strange considering we have the highest number of private pilots per capita of all the 50 states. Only the ground school prep for studying for the Part 107 test is offered. Every drone usually comes...
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    FAA enforcement action 20 Thousand dollar fine

    Thanks for the new view of the Geo 2 version. But that is still extremely alarming. There are some very serious errors in that software display based on the FAA controlled airspace map and no fly zones. Even all your beaches except at the Point are no fly zones far out on the ocean. Someone will...
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    FAA enforcement action 20 Thousand dollar fine

    Wow that is actually scary. That could sure put a pilot in hot water in a hurry. Or severely in debt like the subject of this thread. Perhaps you should report that inconsistency to DJI. Maybe PR needs to be revisited by their people. I called up San Juan in AirMap and the Zero Altitude No Fly...
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    200 Million in Arctic Deep Freeze - Winter Flying Precautions

    Thanks Travis for chiming in on the TV details as an expert witness. I'll have to take a serious look at the OLED displays. I had seen several OLEDs on the Walmart wall of tvs (can't recall brands and there were a lot of LGs) but was not familiar with the details of that technology....other...
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    Gimbal problem

    ?? I do believe that is exactly what I wrote in the Caveat paragraph. The first thing the Autel tech support is going to ask after understanding Luke is an owner of a brand new EVO and that he underwent a FW update and is now experiencing problems that didn't exist out of the box, is, Did you...
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    FAA enforcement action 20 Thousand dollar fine

    Hmm, I have a hard time believing that DJI software prior to November 2018 would have allowed a flight just 1.19 miles from an international airport. From what I observed going back to the earliest days of DJI they have always had geofencing and in this location even the weakest earliest...
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    Cold weather affect camera

    I was toying around with the pitch on the drone the other day. I have always used the Scroll Wheel for making pitch changes and 9 times out of 10 I have the pitch speed either too fast or too slow for that moment in time. So just for the heck of it I was shooting a sunset and wanted to see how...
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    FAA - Seven more companies approved to provide LAANC services.

    If you are on the FAA mailing list you probably received this notice from them in your mailbox. Seven new providers of LAANC services means seven more ideas of how to present the map information and proceed with authorization. Hmm, how many ways can you display an interactive map and a submit...
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    Snow day for the kids

    I had a moose get into my electric fence I have staked outside of my garden fence and made a mess of it trying to escape the punishment. Guess its time to hang up the wires. I was still protecting my raspberry canes which moose just love to eat in the fall as the last plants to keep their green...
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    FAA enforcement action 20 Thousand dollar fine

    This guy's fine started the moment he lifted off the self parking lot roof of Caesars Palace Hotel. He was two FULL sectors into the Zero Altitude Flight Prohibited Zone around that airport and on the border of the 3rd sector. And only 1.19 miles from the first airstrip on the airport property...
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    Obstacle avoidance

    Not likely at least in this version. EVO has no topside sensors nor port and starboard side sensors, therefore it won't be able to fly with 360° obstacle avoidance.
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    A predawn XSP shot above Lone Mtn

    I missed a similar dawn shot this morning. I have joined in a NOAA program to document in photos and video our local endangered beluga whale population that is not fairing well even with 100% protection....i.e. zero recovery of the 300 remaining whales. Filling the coffee thermos and looking...
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    DHS plan to shoot down drones near airports worries 2 key lawmakers

    ? I wonder if they thought about the fact they might bring down one of their 737s they are trying to protect. There are sometimes trade-offs that can be overlooked initially. With the performance of over-the-counter drones ascending at 1000 feet per minute from ground level, its not...
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    Gimbal problem

    I believe you can. As often as you want for the same version that is on the EVO. You can't install an OLDER version of FW over the top of a later version. Apples >> Apples is OK. The one caveat is IF the complete package of firmware modules for all the components in the aircraft was...