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Recent content by HATEM

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    NEW AUTEL EXPLORER APP: constantly updated (BETA ver. - for Android) ( 17 September 2021) - (BETA 1.11.42 - 17 September 2021 - for iOS)

    When does he support Arabic? Arabic support file has been sent to support and has not yet been added
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    Arabic language has been added

    The Arabic language has been added to the application 100% by personal effort. Can we see it in the next update of the Autel explorer application? We in the Arab world love drones
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    I did not do IMU calibration as I was afraid. After watching this video I did it on both my EVO 2 Pro 6K finally:

    My first post I don't think the video is properly calibrated, and I hope it won't It is correct not to carry the drone by hand. Calibration without auxiliary use only on a flat surface