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Recent content by DHLA

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    EVO II Took Off on It's Own

    Wow... as a new Autel owner coming from DJI - it's really good to know this is a risk.
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    EVO 1 controller shut down and near miss on RTH

    ^i dont understand why it doesn't have legit onboard GPS for $2k... it should be able to get back without the controller, but to the correct location and not land on a car
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    Autel Robotics introduce: AUTEL CARE!!!!!

    so weird... seems like i'll look into other insurance? thanks for saving me the call to Autel support!!
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    AUTEL EVO II FIRMWARE UPDATE: Constantly updated ( new V1 STABLE fw 2.7.25) - 1 July 2021 - (NEW V2 STABLE fw 2.1.31 -

    i just got my E2P, so i might be misattributing this - but I updated FW and went out for first test flight in the back yard and saw what I can only describe as "flashing" in the captured video when making hard directional changes... looked it might have been picking up the LEDs? i need to cut...
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    Autel Robotics introduce: AUTEL CARE!!!!!

    i just bought a EV2 pro from best buy and they want me to send it to Bothell for inspection so I can buy the care program? what the hell