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update, i was able to get it installed and working!! may i ask how you side load the apk for Autel explorer on your bt-300? I used the apk extractor and placed it onto my micro card and placed into bt-300 and not sure how to proceed... or if i am doing it correctly.


ps: love your youtube channel
Did you see this post? Its old, but still applies to the BT-300's:
Hi herein2021, appreciate the help with the "washed-out" Autel II photos I seem to be experiencing.
You mentioned to send you a DM, but not seeing how to accomplish that via this site.
Didn't find an email address either.

Best regards,,
St. Thomas, VI
Hello fellow Autel fliers! I have just purchased an EVO! Super pumped about it too! Been wanting to get into drones for some time!
Hello Bob,

It is an update done to Google Text to speech, please go to the Google Play Store and download Google-text to speech APP
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Also Thank you for the quick response, been at this for over 8 hours now and going stupid!
Have 22 Days (Until 2-20-21) to return my new Mavic 2 Zoom and loads of gear for full refund, enough to buy a brand new Autel EVO II Pro Kit... trying to convince myself otherwise but man, [email protected]#K GeoFencing and DJI Prison! Ugh!
Sent my EVO II Pro 6K to Washington to be evaluated for the warranty. UPS shows it arrived today. I will feel much better knowing I have that coverage
Hi, I have the rugged case for the Evo 2 for sale in the classified section if you are interested. I used it a couple of times, but I mainly hike/bike with my Evo 2 and I use a backpack the vast majority of the time. Great hard case, but I have not used it in over three months! I like the two levels - gives you a lot of flexibility.
My email is on doc. I try my best to be pro like with all the drone stuff especially where I live as it is all controlled airspace. Have to fly like a magician here. Anytime bro.
do you still have the crystal sky and are you still willing to sell it for a great price as you had mentioned in April. I'm pretty new to this forum.

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