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New Evo owner from Spartanburg South Carolina. I've had mine for about a month it's a great bird. I have 7 other dronz I'll have to say this is the best one. I have a Bebop 1, Bebop 2 power, ghost drone, a couple of 3dr solo and a yuneec typhoon h
Just received my Autel evo!!! Charging away, getting everything ready for tomorrow's first flight. One question is there somewhere to go for a thorough owner's manual?
Hey I saw on another forum you posted you were trying to use the eachine goggles 2 with your drone. Did you ever continue with that and were the results good? Or did you go another route and get it going? I'm trying to set my buddy up and perhaps even myself with that kind of setup.
I'll give you $110 for it, as long as it's like new. No qualms about it. Split shipping?
Can you still buy an Autel X Star Premium refurbished drone direct from The company itself? I sent an email a week ago but no response?

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