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Autel EVO II (V2) Dual 640R FLIR Enterprise Bundle for sale


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Aug 14, 2023
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I purchased this drone in June, 2022 for a project which it was ultimately never used for. It has a total of 14 short flights amounting to 1.7 hours of flight time. It is in "like new" condition (the 7.9" smart controller still has the protective plastic film on it) and would serve someone well who needs not only thermal capabilities but wants the extremely capable and versatile FLIR Boson 640x512 radiometric thermal sensor and 8K/48MP visual camera combo.

I am asking $8,500.00 USD for the full Enterprise Bundle and accept PayPal or cash (if local). I am based out of Michigan. Please direct message me if interested or would like more information about the drone. Sincere inquiries only, please don't waste my time if you're not serious about buying.

Full Product Description

The Autel EVO II Dual 640R Enterprise Bundle is Autel Robotics' newest model to join the EVO II family. The EVO II Enterprise boasts a maximum flight time of 42 minutes and allows for the installation of add-on modules onto the hood of the aircraft. These add-on modules include the speaker, spotlight, and beacon, there is also and RTK add-on module for separate purchase. The EVO II 640T Enterprise comes with the Autel Smart Controller, three flight batteries, battery charging hub, car charger and wheeled carrying case (see "In the Box" for full kit contents).

The EVO II Enterprise is a slightly different airframe from the regular EVO II models. The Enterprise model features carbon fiber arms, larger motors and larger propellers. These three characteristics yield an additional 5-7 minutes of flight time for the Enterprise model. The EVO II Enterprise also has a built-in ADS-B receiver so that you can ensure you are operating safely with knowledge of manned aircraft in your operational environment. In addition, the EVO II Enterprise features AES-256 encryption, called "Autel DataSecure Encryption".

The 640R FLIR Boson radiometric thermal camera is a 640x512 thermal imager with a 13mm focal length also equipped with an 8X digital zoom. The thermal sensor is paired with an 8K/48MP 1/2" CMOS visual camera with 4X lossless zoom and up to 16x total zoom.

What's Included

(1) Aircraft w/ FLIR Boson 640R Radiometric Thermal Camera
(3) Flight Batteries
(1) 7.9” Smart Controller
(1) 110V Wall Charger
(1) 12V Car Charger
(1) Battery Charging Hub
(1) Smart Controller Charger
(1) Smart Controller Charging Cable
(1) Speaker
(1) Search Light
(1) Strobe
(1) Chest Strap
(1) Attachment Port Cover
(4) Propeller Pairs
(1) Hard Rugged Case


  • EvoII640RFlIR_CaseClosed.jpg
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  • EvoII640RFLIR_CaseOpen.jpg
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  • EvoII640RFLIR_Chargers.jpg
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  • EvoII640RFLIR_BosonCovered.jpg
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  • EvoII640RFLIR_BosonUncovered.jpg
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  • EvoII640RFLIR_Visual.jpg
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  • EvoII640RFLIR_Split.jpg
    1.9 MB · Views: 16
  • EvoII640RFLIR_Thermal.jpg
    2.2 MB · Views: 18
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I got one I will sell you for that price and include a 6k camera and enterprise prop guards.
I got one I will sell you for that price and include a 6k camera and enterprise prop guards.
Where did you get the Enterprise prop guards? The standard EVO II prop guards do not fit the Enterprise motors, as they are slightly larger on the Enterprise drones. Answer???
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I got one I will sell you for that price and include a 6k camera and enterprise prop guards.
I am echoing another member's question about where you found enterprise prop guards. We use a V2 640T and the prop guards they sent us don't fit the enterprise models. If you found a source, please share.
Autel DID NOT MAKE PROP GUARDS FOR THE ENTERPRISE MODELS. One must modify the "standard" ones with a dremel tool to make them fit.

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