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xsp for sale

  1. eyeman56

    X Star Premium kits available

    In case anyone needs to know...the X Star Premium Drones ARE AVAILABLE at the Best Buy stores on Long Island, NY. Batteries are selling for $99.00 and props are available for $19.00/pair. Just hoping this will help some one out. eyeman56
  2. Wes

    XSP w/ 4 batteries

    ALl, I'm selling my XSP because I haven't flown it in almost a month and I'm flying my DJIs for work in mapping and GIS. It has never been crashed and is running the new FW on all batteries and XSP. It only has a total of 5.1 hours of flight. 20170902_131558 by Wes posted Sep 2, 2017 at 4:08...