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  1. Mr $panky

    Orange pumpkin.... still grounded with flaky APP

    Ive tried to fly for over a month now the app connects then disconnects im like 10ft away used on LG4 phone with update and sumsung tablet A, its spent more time on the ground then in the air Ill swap the cable out but this is ridicules
  2. ACJunior

    Starlink App - Flight Records now show "Unknown Place"

    I just noticed this, I went to view my Flight records and all the locations since June 15 now show "Unknown Place." Anyone else showing this? Before this, May 20 it would show my location, town I flew in. I had to send out my XSP for service, I dropped it off at FedEx on May 20, got it back...
  3. T

    VideoCache Files

    I made an interesting discovery. There is a directory which contains mp4 files showing the complete video for each flight (720p). If there is a video link disconnect, one MP4 file is closed and another is started. The file name is the Unix epoch time in ms. To get the creation time of the...
  4. theTupper

    StarLink Compatible Devices (user generated)

    Compiled herein are the devices known to work with Autel's StarLink application for use with the X-Star Premium. If you have a device that you know works (you've tested it and its functionality), and it's not already included on the list, please list it in a post below. There is no need to...