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sky fire controller mod

  1. andrew124C41

    E2PV2 Controller and SkyFireAerial Mod

    E2PV2 Controller with SkyFireAerial Mod including holder for 8 inch TrippleTek tablet. Controller was used only once... Purchased a Smart Controller. The mod alone was 130 dollars. $300.00 for everyone or best offer.
  2. andrew124C41

    No Longer Available: Evo2 Batteries and Other Items For Sale

    For Sale: I purchased the Evo 2 Pro V3 RTK only because it was the most economical way to get the large Smart Controller. I don't need the RTK module itself. I also already had 3 new batteries so it makes no sense for me to have 2 extra lying around... Better to sell them now when they are brand...