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  1. mshmovie

    GONE: Evo II Pro Rugged Bundle with Extras - $1,358.80 - Amazon Warehouse (Used: Very Good)

    Hi Folks, Amazon Warehouse is offering an additional 10% off on select products through May 27th - here's one that will hopefully save someone in the group a few bucks and bring a little joy to their weekend. This Evo II Pro Rugged Bundle (only one is available) is being offered at $1,510.89...
  2. Empire Drone

    Black Friday Sale Starts at Midnight!

    Once a year discounts are on there way for some serious gear! Autel EVO II Batteries, Lifthor Tablet Mounts, and the ever popular Empire Drone EVO II Case™ by GPC. Check out the soon-to-be discounted products; Black Friday Deals to plan ahead and be sure to come back at midnight! Plus, as...
  3. Florida Drone Supply

    0% Interest for 24 Months - All Brands and All Products Eligible

    Florida Drone Supply, a long time forum sponsor, has made special arrangements to offer its customers 0% interest for 24 months with $0 down payment on all brands and all products including the new Matrice 300 RTK or the Autel Evo II Dual. Who is eligible? Commercial drone pilots with 2+ years...
  4. joshmentele

    Autel Evo Charger: $35

    I have for sale an Autel Evo battery charger that was used less than 10 times. My drone crashed so I am selling off the parts. It is in brand new condition, no scratches on it. Still has it's plastic protector. I would like $35 shipped for it, via Paypal.
  5. joshmentele

    Autel X-Star Shell + Landing Gear

    I have up for sale a used shell and landing gear for an Autel X-Star drone. The top portion of the shell is damaged with a crack near the back left motor (see the attached picture). The bottom shell and landing gear are in good condition with some minor scratches. Included with the shell are the...
  6. Wes

    XSP w/ 4 batteries

    ALl, I'm selling my XSP because I haven't flown it in almost a month and I'm flying my DJIs for work in mapping and GIS. It has never been crashed and is running the new FW on all batteries and XSP. It only has a total of 5.1 hours of flight. 20170902_131558 by Wes posted Sep 2, 2017 at 4:08...