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  1. Delta Blue

    "Jerk" Flying Outside Authorized Envelope

    We have all seen it and read it...drone pilots flying into and over clouds, flying as far as possible way beyond visual line of sight, flying high as possible, flying at night, etc., which might make for great videos but all no-no's without authorization, the possibilities of such commonly even...
  2. DroneDriver

    Proposed New Rules for European Drones

    EASA [Europe's equivalent to FAA] is introducing regulatory framework for UAVs. http://rpas-regulations.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/EASA_NPA-2017-05A_170505_TR.pdf
  3. DroneDriver

    Part 107 rules at a glance

    I came across this graphic summary of the majority of rules regarding FAA Part 107 drone flight within different airspace that I thought was kind of cool. If you wish... Print it out, laminate it for quick reference.