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  1. GeekOnTheWing

    More boring practice video

    Had a few hours of partly-cloudy skies after three days of rain, so I practiced some basics for an hour or so. Lord knows I need it.
  2. A

    Los Angeles: Drone Race Track Antelope Valley

    Hi all, I’m weighing the possibility of opening up a practice/race track in our 25-acre property in Antelope Valley. It is pristine desert, buttes and other rock formations, and plenty of Joshua trees. The landscape lends itself for us to be able to make interesting runs. A couple questions...
  3. brian bwin

    ATTI practice over creek

    Went out to a local creek, the Shellpot, early this morning to see if I could get some cool "sun-shining-through-trees" shots and scope out the location for possible tandem flight fun. Nature did not disappoint and due to magnetic interference all flying was in ATTI mode. 2-4 MPH wind so it was...