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  1. B

    HDR Panorama Individual RAW Files?

    Hi Autelpilots, I have two questions relating to EVO II Pro panorama shooting that I just couldn't find answers to anywhere on the net: 1. Is AEB bracketing available when shooting panoramas (for HDR panoramas)? 2. Are individual raw files saved when shooting a panorama, including also when...
  2. F

    Panorama Mode is not working on iPad Pro 11"

    On my iPad Pro 11" under the Autel Explorer app, the panorama mode seems to be buggy. It is not possible to start the sequence. On the iPhone 13Pro the mode works fine. Does anyone else have the same problem? Thanks Sebastian
  3. AutelPilot

    Upload 360 Photos From The Lite+ To Google Street View?

    Hello The Lite+ shoots such wonderful 360 photos. Is there a way to edit & upload them to Google Street View? I have not found any help on this topic while searching for it on google. It looks like the 360 panorama photo that i stiched together in Lightroom or Photoshop is not compatible with...