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  1. J

    Connect evo max 4t to live deck 2

    Hello everyone Is it possible to connect the evo max 4T drone to the live deck 2? I have tried pushing double click to the power button of the drone and it connects to the remote controller but not to live deck 2. And could you tell me if is it possible get out the drone image and sensors data...
  2. K

    Pairing fails

    Hello! I am the owner of Evo lite+ for two days. I did an update before first use and everything was fine. Today, after third flight I changed battery and now I can't pair RC to drone. I have tried two ways of pairing - double click on drone battery (lights blinking fast) and buttons "home" and...
  3. N

    Can't connect a controller

    Hello all, I've had an issue with my 640t V2 smart controller and it is currently on its way to get fixed. I have tried to connect a "normal" controller with no success. The controller shows matching and the drone pairing light is flashing but nothing happens. I use the drone for work...
  4. M

    Pairing with controller too slow

    Hi all, I noticed that pairing of my Nano+ to my controller started to be slower. My question is how long takes pairing of your nano+ with controller. I used to have pairing in max. 10-20s, now it is more than 1 minute and my record is about 10 minutes. Do you know what can influence time of...