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nd filter

  1. aerialinnovative

    no longer available

    For sale: Everything you see in the pictures Ready to ship or pick up. Hard case (3) Batteries (34 minutes full charge) 4-in-1 Battery hub Freewell 8 Pack ND Filters LiveDeck 1 Lifthor Tablet mount. Droneworks neck strap and tripod plate included Prop Guards (1 new full set + one half set) (5)...
  2. H

    Why I ALWAYS Use Daylight White Balance With Drone Cameras

    I see this question come up quite a bit; what white balance should I use with "insert drone model here" so I decided I would continue my food for thought threads and share why I ALWAYS use daylight WB with every drone I have ever flown, along with my single exception to that rule. DEFINITION...
  3. H

    Why I NEVER Shoot Video at 24FPS

    I thought I would continue my food for thought series and this time its not even something that costs money. In case you missed it, I posted why I never use CPL filters and why I never use ND filters with drone cameras. There are so many things that YouTubers and social media content producers...
  4. H

    Why I NEVER Use Circular Polarizing Filters (CPLs) With Drone Cameras

    I thought we had a great discussion on ND filters and a lot of myths and misinformation was brought to light in my last food for thought thread where I discussed why I never use ND filters with drone cameras. One thing that came up a few times in that thread was using Circular Polarizing Lenses...