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  1. A

    Drone Industry Rumors about Consumer Market and Government Ban

    I'm a recent new owner of an Autel Evo Lite + drone and I'm very happy with my purchase. My concerns, however, don't lie with the hardware but instead with business and political decisions on the horizon. The two big ones are. - Comments that Autel Robotics is leaving the consumer drone...
  2. mdreuben

    Nano+ Everything is Blurry After Firmware Upgrade

    I just did a firmware upgrade and everything is now blurry. Even attempting manual focus does nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. H

    Maximum payload / weight a Nano / Nano+ can carry

    Hello everyone, has anyone tried carrying a payload on a Nano? What size load could a Nano carry?. With DJI drones (mini, mini 2, air, air 2, mavic 3) a lot of information is available, by customers who tried it. For Autel Nano / Nano+ I cannot find any information. Best regards Torsten
  4. f13dfx

    New Nano+ owner from Vancouver Canada

    Hello All! Just couldn’t stop myself from purchasing this drone ahead of the official release in North America. Ordered it Jan.2 from AutelPilot.com which I will never do again! Just received it Monday Jan.24th. I also have a DJI Mavic 3 & Mini 2 (with a modded 40-minute battery). I also...