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  1. mdreuben

    Nano+ Everything is Blurry After Firmware Upgrade

    I just did a firmware upgrade and everything is now blurry. Even attempting manual focus does nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. H

    Maximum payload / weight a Nano / Nano+ can carry

    Hello everyone, has anyone tried carrying a payload on a Nano? What size load could a Nano carry?. With DJI drones (mini, mini 2, air, air 2, mavic 3) a lot of information is available, by customers who tried it. For Autel Nano / Nano+ I cannot find any information. Best regards Torsten
  3. f13dfx

    New Nano+ owner from Vancouver Canada

    Hello All! Just couldn’t stop myself from purchasing this drone ahead of the official release in North America. Ordered it Jan.2 from AutelPilot.com which I will never do again! Just received it Monday Jan.24th. I also have a DJI Mavic 3 & Mini 2 (with a modded 40-minute battery). I also...