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  1. aerialinnovative

    Flew by RC (not app), Disconnected, aircraft attempted to land, lost. Evo 2 Pro V1

    Good evening, Just as the title states, the unit disconnected with 32% battery life left on the E2 Pro V1 and 89% on the RC (not smartcontroller). I was flying by RC, not by Explorer app. I was on a return to home pathway, manually flying over a wooded development at 375ft altitude, with...
  2. S

    Lost Evo 2, Perhaps wrong coordinates shown at crash?

    Hello fellow Evo fans. I had an incident last week where I was flying my drone and facing some unexpected headwinds and degraded performance in the return home. The bird went down within view of my house (I could see my house in the last image) -- Just 300 meters from Launch point. It...