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  1. E

    Florida Sunrise Above the Fog Layer and Landing

    This is my first time posting a video on this forum. On October 26th I sent my Evo I up in the dark to capture the pending sunrise. The controller kept notifying me that there was an object 2 feet ahead - I couldn't see anything as it was dark but I assumed it was fog. I broke through the fog...
  2. PRMath

    Early morning flights.....

    And demDam Gators coming home after a night of hunting for Pets on Blackwater Bay beachfront yards....... bye bye doggy and kitties Stay away from the waters edge at night
  3. PRMath

    400' Above McGuires parking lot. Pensacola

    No one around. Straight up ...... pics..... straight down
  4. PRMath

    My home from the Mile High club

    Well, it COULD be :)
  5. PRMath

    Wallace Lake Area... Pace, Fl

    Everything on Auto........ I M H O....... pretty impressive from the front yard looking south. Pace, Fla.